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Colour, Colour, Everywhere...

Hair colour can bring out your eyes & brighten your skin tone - making a whole new you or enhancing what you already have.

Carefully chosen & professionally applied colour can completely rejuvenate your look & give you confidence.

Our team have experience of a wealth of colouring techniques including balayage the popular colouring technique taking London salons by storm.  The freehand technique is increasing in popularity as it offers a soft effect and does not require the frequent maintenance and recolouring of other techniques.

Party Style

Your hair has a lot to live up to on your big night out. But there's so much choice out there & wading through rakes of magazines certainly isn't for the faint hearted.

So whether you go for a romantic, classic or a more contemporary look, we can help create a hair style to suit your dress & personality.

Chemical Straightening

Fed up with using straighteners every day?

We are able to offer chemical straightening to suit your needs.  Please call to book a consultation to find the best solution for you.

Hair Extensions

They're not just for celebrities anymore! If you have fine hair & want to add volume, or if you can't be bothered to wait months for your hair to grow - hair extensions are a great way of cheating.

All Extensions require a complementary consultation to ensure the correct: method, density and length is chosen. During this consultation, we will detail the aftercare procedures. We offer five different methods including fusion/keratin bonds, shrinkies, micro rings and nano rings. We do not currently offer weaves or tape methods.

You can choose either full or half head options. If the addition of more than 2 inches in length is required a full head of extensions will be advised. Depending on whether length or length and volume is required we recommend between 100 – 180 strands.

A half head of extensions will add only density to your own hair length. We fit between 50-90 strands depending on your natural hair density.

In order to prolong the lifespan of your extensions, a complementary check-up is offered on all extension services. During this appointment we check for matting, breakage and scalp irritation. This appointment is booked for 6 weeks after your fitting.

Keratin bonds - These extensions are fused into sections of your own hair. To avoid hair damage and shredding only the finest Remi Italian keratin extensions are used. With the correct aftercare Keratin bonds will last for 3-5 months. Once removed this hair is not reused.

Micro or nano rings - This type of extension is secured with small metal rings onto sections of your hair. To avoid slippage both micro and nano rings will require two monthly maintenance. If cared for correctly, the hair can be re used and refitted with this method. As this method involves the use of metals any metal allergies should be disclosed during your consultation to ensure the best solution for you.

For a quick fix we also offer clip in hair extensions.